Equipment & Optics

Chinese Type 85 scope...

Chinese Type 85 scope (MIS1919)

Price $950.00

Chinese copy of the Russian PSO-1 scope for the NDM-86 Dragunov sniper rifle as well as accessories in a metal can. Comes with manual, lens brush & cloth, screwdriver, spare bulbs for the illuminated reticle & rubber eyepieces.

US M1A\M14 BI-POD (MM2145)

US M1A\M14 BI-POD (MM2145)

Price $450.00

US marked M1A/M14 BI-POD in excellent condition.BIPOD is stamped U.S. 7790688 BIPOD RIFLE M2.

US Army & Navy Signal WWI...

US Army & Navy Signal WWI Binoculars - A....

Price $450.00

Pre-1864 (Post 1864 has serial numbers), 55 mm (2.5 inch) lenses (est. 30X), made by A Bardou for the Union Army at the time. Has blackened brass, 9 inches fully extended. Optics are clear and work perfectly with handling wear. Has leather case with out cover.

World War II US Navy Mark...

World War II US Navy Mark 75 Mod 1 Bore Sight...

Price $100.00

Boresight telescope made by Farrand Optical Co., Inc., dated 1943. Optics are clear. The U.S. Navy used these boresights to zero alignment for smaller guns, such as the 20mm anti-aircraft gun. 

U.S Model 1872 Hagner...

U.S Model 1872 Hagner Intrenching Tool (MEW1420)

Price $595.00
U.S Model 1872 Hagner Intrenching Tool. Used during the initial War Era. U.S. markedon the tool and scabbard. The scabbard is unit marked and shows minor damage. Very good plus.