Flare Pistols

W.German flare gun  (MM1950)

W.German flare gun (MM1950)

Price $95.00

Geco marked West German Military Flare Gun. 26.5M/M, Dated 06/61. Excellent condition with holster rig.

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WWII U.S.Military Flare Gun...

WWII U.S.Military Flare Gun (MM1951)

Price $200.00

U.S. military M8 37M/M flare pistol in good condition. Made by Eureka Vacuum Cleaner Company in WWII.Has some rust on barrel.

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Luftwaffe Aviator's Flare...

Luftwaffe Aviator's Flare Gun L (MM1380)

Price $995.00

This is excellent 26.5mm Luftwaffe Aviators Flare Gun L was made by Emil Eckholdt of Suhl. This early gun has crown over B followed by crown over U proofs followed by a circled 4 (4 bore or 26.5mm) on each barrel. The frame and barrel are serial numbered 460. The left side of the frame at the front is marked with the Luftwaffe contract number, Fl.24483. The left rear of the frame has ECKO in...

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Rare German Kreigsmarine...

Rare German Kreigsmarine SLD Double Barrel...

Price $3,450.00

The stainless steel German Navy SLD (Signal und Leucht Doppelschussmodel - "signal and light double shot model) was adopted by the Kreigsmarine in 1936 and was used to the end of WWII. Approximately 4,000 were made by Walther. They were issued to battleships and U-Boats. The overall length of this large pistol is approx. 14". The 9.125" round 26.5mm barrels have excellent bores with the left...

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Remington Mark III WWI...

Remington Mark III WWI Flare Gun (MM1126)

Price $400.00
Remington Mark III WWI Flare Gun. 10 Gauge flare gun. 90% Blue, brass has a nice patina, and the bore is in good condition. The grips have a lacquer over them. In excellent overall condition. **This item is sold as a collector’s item. Do NOT attempt to fire this flare gun.**
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Japanese Type 30 3-Barrel...

Japanese Type 30 3-Barrel Flare Pistol (MM1325)

Price $2,950.00
Japanese Type 30 3-Barrel Flare Pistol for the Japanese Navy in World War II. Manufactured by Kayaba Kogyo Company. By serial number, we believe this to be the 2nd variation (there were three variations). This example has the company logo, a cherry blossom, Inspector mark and Navy anchor. This is the very best Type 90 we have seen. It has all of the barrel paint stripes (for different colors of...
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