Pre-War Derringers & Pocket Pistols

Rare Liliput Model 1927...

Rare Liliput Model 1927 4.25mm (PR52090)

Price $2,150.00

Rare Liliput Model 1927 4.25mm pistol. Bore is very good. Pistol has 98% blue.

The action works perfectly. The grips have a round on both grips with the caliber

marking surrounded with an oakleaf wreath. Grips are perfect with no damage. Pistol

has the impossible to find original magazine. These rare Liliput pistols are seldom offered  

on the open market and are...

Harrington & Richardson...

Harrington & Richardson 1906 .22 (PR50967)

Price $325.00

Solid frame double action revolver with nickel finish. Has a 6" octagon barrel with good rifling and frosting in the grooves. The barrel is marked "H&R Arms Company/Worcester, Mass. USA" over "22 Rim Fire" on the left flat. The top strap is marked "H&R Model/1906 22 Cal R.F." It has approximately 90% nickel. The H&R grips are fine with no chips or cracks. The action functions...

Kolb 1922 .22 Short (PR50965)

Kolb 1922 .22 Short (PR50965)

Price $175.00

Baby hammerless revolver with folding trigger. The 1 3/8" barrel has a fine bore with strong rifling. Approximately 75% of the nickel finish remains. The top strap is marked "Pat 4 5 10-2 13 17/Baby Hammerless/Model 1922 U.S.A." The mother of pearl grips are excellent with no chips or cracks. The action functions correctly. This is a nice example of the Kolb model 1922 Baby Hammerless...

H&R Revolver .32 S&W (PR50269)

H&R Revolver .32 S&W (PR50269)

Price $329.95

H&R revolver .32S&W caliber revolver. Pre-war pocket revolver in good condition. 3” Barrel.  

Kolb 1910 .22 S (PR50382)

Kolb 1910 .22 S (PR50382)

Price $395.00

Kolb 1910 .22 S caliber revolver. Model 1910 Baby Hammerless. “Cute” pocket revolver with nickel finish and folding trigger. Right grip has a chip, otherwise good overall condition.  

Iver Johnson Top Break .38...

Iver Johnson Top Break .38 S&W (PR50354)

Price $295.00

Iver Johnson Top Break .38 S&W caliber revolver. Pre-war revolver with 3 ¼” barrel. Bore is excellent. Metal has a gray patina. Action works perfectly. Small chip in left grip. Good to overall condition.  

Orbea Hermanos DA .32-20...

Orbea Hermanos DA .32-20 (PR50177)

Price $499.95

Orbea Hermanos DA .32-20 caliber revolver. Pre-war Spanish clone of a S&W M&P revolver with nickel finish and 5” barrel. Bore is excellent. Good to very good condition.

Remington 95 .41 Caliber...

Remington 95 .41 Caliber Derringer (PR50174)

Price $1,750.00

Remington 95 .41 caliber derringer. Over/under derringer with original nickel finish and real pearl grips. Hinges are not cracked. Very good overall condition. An attractive derringer.

Remington 95 Over / Under...

Remington 95 Over / Under Derringer .41 Rimfire...

Price $2,350.00

Remington 95 Over / Under Derringer .41 Rimfire caliber pistol. Remington – UMC manufactured model 95 Derringer .41 Rimfire caliber. Bores are perfect. Grips are perfect. Action works and locks up perfectly. Gun has 98% blue. Beautiful Model 95 Remington – UMC Derringer manufactured after 1898. Need an FFL.  

H&R American .38 S&W (PR38691)

H&R American .38 S&W (PR38691)

Price $129.95

H&R American .38 S&W caliber revolver. Manufactured early 1900’s Gun has original nickel finish with Flaking. Grips are chipped at the base. Action functions, but this gun is not safe to shoot.

Remington UMC Over/Under...

Remington UMC Over/Under Derringer with Pearl...

Price $2,195.00

Remington UMC Over/Under Derringer with Pearl Grips. This is a really nice gun, The finish rates 90% plus of the original finish. This is from the later production with the more matte black colored finish. Grips are very good. Action works well. Bores are excellent.  

Remington Over/Under .41...

Remington Over/Under .41 Caliber Derringer...

Price $795.00

Remington Over/Under .41 Caliber Derringer. 90% of the original nickel finish. Excellent grips. Blue still remains on the screws. Hinge on the left hand side has small crack.

Harrington & Richardson...

Harrington & Richardson Young America Bulldog...

Price $425.00

Harrington & Richardson Young America Bulldog .32 S&W caliber revolver. Young America Bulldog .32 S&W caliber Centerfire. Action works perfectly. Grips are perfect. Gun has approximately 70% original nickel. Comes with correct Young America Box with correct end label.

Remington 95 .41 (PR46987)

Remington 95 .41 (PR46987)

Price $2,975.00

Remington 95 .41 Caliber Derringer. Remington UMC marked derringer with approximately 97% original nickel. Bore has strong rifling with pitting. Grips are very good, no chips or cracks. Hinges are not cracked. Very good plus overall condition.