Pre-War Derringers & Pocket Pistols

Walther 5 2nd Variation...

Walther 5 2nd Variation 6.35mm (PR56148)

Price $700.00

German-made, semi-auto pocket pistol with 2.25" barrel. The bore has good rifling and some frosting in the grooves. The pistol has 98% of its original blue. The pistol has a knurled rib on the top of the slide on which the front and rear sights sit. The action works perfectly. The pistol is in very good plus overall condition.

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Phoenix Arms Pocket Pistol...

Phoenix Arms Pocket Pistol .25 ACP (PR55140)

Price $950.00

Semi-auto pocket pistol. The bore is excellent with strong rifling. The pistol has 99% of its original factory blue. The grips are perfect. Overall excellent condition.

Steyr Pocket Automatic...

Steyr Pocket Automatic 6.35mm (PR55142)

Price $695.00

Semi-auto, pocket pistol with a 2" tip-up barrel. The bore is excellent, shiny with strong rifling. The pistol has 98% of its original factory blue. The grips are excellent and display the Steyr logo on each grips. The overall condition is excellent.

FN 1905 .25ACP (PR55124)

FN 1905 .25ACP (PR55124)

Price $895.00

Pocket pistol with 2" barrel. The bore is excellent, bright and shiny with strong rifling. The action works perfectly as does the safety. Grips have the "FN" logo and are excellent. The pistol has 99% of its original factory blue. The slide is marked with the FN(Fabrique Nationale address and Browning patent). The magazine is also marked with the "FN" logo. This is a very well made pistol in...

Sedgley 1918 .22 Short...

Sedgley 1918 .22 Short (PR54650)

Price $395.00

Tiny pocket revolver. Action needs work. Overall length is 5". Good overall condition. A cute vintage pocket revolver.

Savage 1917 .32 ACP (PR53966)

Savage 1917 .32 ACP (PR53966)

Price $595.00

Pre-war automatic pistol. Bore is excellent. Right grip has a scratch. Very good overall condition.

Ruby Style .25 ACP Pistol...

Ruby Style .25 ACP Pistol (PR53138)

Price $725.00

Unusual .25 Auto. Most of these are .32 caliber. This example is very well made; where as most we come across are poor quality. The slide is marked "Fabrique D'Arms De Guerre De Gran Precision". The frame is larger length from bottom of magazine well to the top of the slide above the slide serrations. Grips are very good and have an image of an ealge with folded down wings. Barrel, frame and...

Remington UMC Derringer .41...

Remington UMC Derringer .41 RF (PR52823)

Price $650.00

Over/under derringer. Metal has a gray patina. Top lug, where barrels meet frame, is not cracked. Bores have pitting. Action works properly. Grips are not cracked or chipped. A reasonably priced Remington Derringer.

Late German Velo Dog 6.35...

Late German Velo Dog 6.35 Caliber (PR52824)

Price $550.00

Unusually late production Velo Dog revolver manufactured in the 1930's. Metal has approximately 90% original nickel plating with flaking on front grip strap. Action works properly. Grips are very good, no chips or cracks. Very good overall condition.

Orbea Hermanos DA .32-20...

Orbea Hermanos DA .32-20 (PR50177)

Price $499.95

Orbea Hermanos DA .32-20 caliber revolver. Pre-war Spanish clone of a S&W M&P revolver with nickel finish and 5” barrel. Bore is excellent. Good to very good condition.

Remington 95 .41 Caliber...

Remington 95 .41 Caliber Derringer (PR50174)

Price $1,750.00

Remington 95 .41 caliber derringer. Over/under derringer with original nickel finish and real pearl grips. Hinges are not cracked. Very good overall condition. An attractive derringer.

Remington 95 Over / Under...

Remington 95 Over / Under Derringer .41 Rimfire...

Price $2,350.00

Remington 95 Over / Under Derringer .41 Rimfire caliber pistol. Remington – UMC manufactured model 95 Derringer .41 Rimfire caliber. Bores are perfect. Grips are perfect. Action works and locks up perfectly. Gun has 98% blue. Beautiful Model 95 Remington – UMC Derringer manufactured after 1898. Need an FFL.  

Remington UMC Over/Under...

Remington UMC Over/Under Derringer with Pearl...

Price $2,195.00

Remington UMC Over/Under Derringer with Pearl Grips. This is a really nice gun, The finish rates 90% plus of the original finish. This is from the later production with the more matte black colored finish. Grips are very good. Action works well. Bores are excellent.  

Remington Over/Under .41...

Remington Over/Under .41 Caliber Derringer...

Price $795.00

Remington Over/Under .41 Caliber Derringer. 90% of the original nickel finish. Excellent grips. Blue still remains on the screws. Hinge on the left hand side has small crack.

Harrington & Richardson...

Harrington & Richardson Young America Bulldog...

Price $425.00

Harrington & Richardson Young America Bulldog .32 S&W caliber revolver. Action works perfectly. Grips are perfect. Gun has approximately 70% original nickel. Comes with correct Young America Box with correct end label.

Harrington & Richardson...

Harrington & Richardson American Double Action...

Price $295.00
Harrington & Richardson American Double Action .32 S&W caliber revolver. Right grip damaged at the bottom. Shows a lot of nickel with rust spots on the frame and cylinder. Bore is dark with strong rifling.
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Remington 95 .41 (PR46987)

Remington 95 .41 (PR46987)

Price $2,975.00

Remington 95 .41 Caliber Derringer. Remington UMC marked derringer with approximately 97% original nickel. Bore has strong rifling with pitting. Grips are very good, no chips or cracks. Hinges are not cracked. Very good plus overall condition.