Pre-War Derringers & Pocket Pistols

Remington Over / Under...

Remington Over / Under Derringer (PR61138)

Price $1,995.00

Made post 1898. 41 RF caliber with a 3” barrel. This gun is in excellent condition with 95% of the original nickel. Grips are made of thick pearls.

Remington 95 .41 (PR46987)

Remington 95 .41 (PR46987)

Price $2,975.00

Remington UMC marked derringer with approximately 97% original nickel. Bore has strong rifling with pitting. Grips are very good, no chips or cracks. Hinges are not cracked. Very good plus overall condition.

Iver Johnson Model 1900 .32...

Iver Johnson Model 1900 .32 S&W (PR60759)

Price $250.00

Early 20th century pocket revolver. Barrel is 2.5" and needs a front sight. Action will need some repair; cylinder will not rotate 100% of the time. Top strap is marked "Iver Johsnon Model 1900". Early style grips with owl facing sideways are very good, no chips or cracks. Fair overall condition.

Factory Engraved Spanish...

Factory Engraved Spanish Ruby .32 ACP (PR60419)

Price $850.00

SN:239. Factory engraved pocket auto. Slide is marked "Fabrique D'Armes de Guerre de Grande Precision". Pistol is scroll engraved with nickel plating. Original nickel is beginning to turn cloudy, otherwise very good overall condition.

Pyrene Unique .25 ACP...

Pyrene Unique .25 ACP (PR60460)

Price $475.00

French pocket auto. Metal has a thinning blue turning to patina. Grips are very good, no cracks or chips. Bore is very good. Good overall condition.

Remington 95 Double...

Remington 95 Double Derringer .41 Rimfire...

Price $695.00

Over/under derringer. Metal has approximately 40% original nickel plating. Hing is cracked, but the action still functions properly. Bore has pitting. Fair overall condition.

Thames Bycle Style Top...

Thames Bycle Style Top Break Revolver .32 S&W...

Price $395.00

Pocket revolver made early 20th century. Bore has strong rifling with pitting. Action works properly. Metal has most of it's original nickel plating. Barrel is 2". Very good overall condition.

U.S Revolver Top Break .38...

U.S Revolver Top Break .38 S&W (PR59894)

Price $125.00

SN: 10266. Hammerless topbreak pocket revolver in very good condition. The cylinder rotates but the firing pin does not strike and the gun will not fire. Sold as is.

J.P. Sauer 1930 .32acp...

J.P. Sauer 1930 .32acp (PR60009)

Price $1,500.00

SN: 220835. Pre war crown N commercial model 30 with bright bore.  Original grips and original 7.65 marked mag. 98% original blue finish.

H&R Topbreak .32 S&W (PR59885)

H&R Topbreak .32 S&W (PR59885)

Price $395.00

SN: None. Pre-war topbreak pocket pistol. Bore is very good, action works properly. Has 95% original nickel finish.

U.S. Revolver Topbreak .22...

U.S. Revolver Topbreak .22 (PR60001)

Price $550.00

SN: 2725. 7-shot topbreak revolver with nickel finish, gold plated cylinder and pearl grips. The bore is very good, lightly pitted with good rifling. Some of the gold has flaked off the cylinder, still has just about all the nickel. Overall very good condition.

Iver Johnson Safety...

Iver Johnson Safety Hammerless .32 S&W (PR59685)

Price $500.00

SN: 34333. Unusual hammerless "pocket" pistol with 6" barrel, nickel finish and pearl grips. Has about 90% original nickel. The bore is fair, pitted but with good rifling. Comes with the period box.

Remington Over / Under...

Remington Over / Under Derringer (PR56301)

Price $1,795.00

Serial number L98101. 41 RF caliber with a 3” barrel. Later gun with a blue to black matte finish. Condition is very fine with 85% of the original finish. Condition is excellent.

Excellent Late Remington...

Excellent Late Remington Over/ Under Derringer...

Price $2,495.00

Serial number L75853. This is the late variation post 1935. 41 RF caliber. This variation has a set of fluid barrels instead of two barrels connected with a Rib. Condition is excellent.

Hopkins & Allen Forehand DA...

Hopkins & Allen Forehand DA .32 ACP (PR43555)

Price $249.95
Hopkins & Allen Forehand DA .32 ACP caliber revolver. Interesting gun. Metal has been cleaned. Grips are nice and sharp. Gun works perfectly. We have never seen this particular marking.
Phoenix Arms Pocket Pistol...

Phoenix Arms Pocket Pistol .25 ACP (PR55140)

Price $950.00

Semi-auto pocket pistol. The bore is excellent with strong rifling. The pistol has 99% of its original factory blue. The grips are perfect. Overall excellent condition.