Tactical Pistols

Q Honey Badger .300 BLK...

Q Honey Badger .300 BLK (PR56491)

Price $3,195.00

Factory short barrel pistol with Cherry Bomb compensator, pdw brace, and Geissele flat trigger bow. Excellent condition with Magpul magazine and original box.

GSG GSG-MP40P 9mm (NGZ1079)...

GSG GSG-MP40P 9mm (NGZ1079) NEW

Price $629.95

Metal frame pistol with 10.8" barrel and polymer grip. Comes with one 30 round magazine. NEW. UPC: 853267007851

Brigade MFG BM-F-9 9mm...

Brigade MFG BM-F-9 9mm (NGZ1069) NEW

Price $899.95

5.5" barrel model. Comes with SBA3 Tactical brace and has last round bolt hold open. Cerakote Midnight Burnt Bronze finish. NEW. UPC: 850020843039

Sons of Liberty M4-76...

Sons of Liberty M4-76 Pistol 5.56 NATO (NGZ898)...

Price $1,495.00

Texas-made AR pistols with Wedgelock handguard, milspec forged receiver group, 10.5" CrMoV steel barrel and Liberty Fighting trigger with 5.5# consistent pull. SB tactical pistol brace, Includes M-Lok sling mount and 3 magazines in rang bag. New. SKU:691821602513

B&T GHM9 9mm (NGZ1065) NEW

B&T GHM9 9mm (NGZ1065) NEW

Price $1,849.95

6" model with threaded barrel and a trilug lock up. This model takes Glock pattern magazines and comes with one 33 round magazine. NEW. UPC 840225705782

2A Palouse Lite 5.56 NATO...

2A Palouse Lite 5.56 NATO (PR56493)

Price $1,695.00

Factory 2A Armament pistol with forged receiver set and 7.5" barrel with muzzle brake, and SB Tactical pistol brace. Comes with Eotech green holographic sight. Excellent condition. Comes with 3 magazines and soft range bag.

Springfield Saint 5.56 NATO...

Springfield Saint 5.56 NATO (PR56428)

Price $1,295.00

AR pistol with pdw brace, Surefire light, angled foregrip, AAC flash hider, Magpul offset sights. Excellent condition. Comes with range bag and magazine.

CZ Evo 3 S1 Pistol OD 9mm...

CZ Evo 3 S1 Pistol OD 9mm (PR54271)

Price $995.00

Compact pistol with detachable 20 rd magazine. OD green finish with included iron sights. Excellent condition with box.

Sites Spectre HC Pistol 9mm...

Sites Spectre HC Pistol 9mm (PR56454)

Price $2,795.00

Pre-ban Italian imported pistol with sling, three original coffin mags. and laser. Excellent condition. Comes with PDW soft bag.

Springfield Saint Edge 5.56...

Springfield Saint Edge 5.56 NATO (PR54177)

Price $1,495.00

AR pistol with 10.3" barrel, M-Lok handguard, Maxim PDW brace and single stage drop in trigger. Comes with flip up sights. Excellent condition.

Arsenal SAM7K 7.62x39mm...

Arsenal SAM7K 7.62x39mm (PR54320)

Price $1,795.00

Ak pistol made in Bulgaria. Comes with magazine. Black finish, stamped receiver. Very good condition. With box.

Seekins NX15 Pistol 7.62x39...

Seekins NX15 Pistol 7.62x39 (PR54180)

Price $1,995.00

AR pistol chambered in AK rounds. Built on a Seekins Precision receiver set, this pistol features a compensator muzzle brake, freefloat M-Lok handguard with angled foregrip, Sb tactical pistol brace and gold pistol brace with gold buffer tube. Excellent condition. Comes with magazine.

FN 509 9MM (NGZ858) NEW

FN 509 9MM (NGZ858) NEW

Price $639.95

FN America 509, semi-automatic, striker fired, full size, 9mm, 4" barrel, polymer frame, fde finish, 2-17rd magazines. NEW UPC:845737010232

B&T APC9 Pro-S 9mm...

B&T APC9 Pro-S 9mm (PR54176) New

Price $2,495.00

Swiss made pistol compatible with Sig 320 9mm magazines. 7" barrel with tri-lug device. Excellent condition.

CZ Bren 2MS Pistol 5.56X45...

CZ Bren 2MS Pistol 5.56X45 (NGZ776) NEW

Price $2,150.00

Cz, Bren 2 modular system pistol, 14" barrel, aluminum frame, polymer grips, manual safety, full size, iron sights, 30rd, semi-automatic, black finish. New. UPC:806703914527