Tactical Pistols

CZ Bren 2MS 5.56mm (NGZ407)...

CZ Bren 2MS 5.56mm (NGZ407) New

Price $2,259.95

CZ Bren 2MS 5.56X45 caliber pistol. 5.56mm Pistol with flip up sights and improved AR style controls. NEW. UPC 806703914510

PTR 9KT 9mm (NGZ1478) NEW

PTR 9KT 9mm (NGZ1478) NEW

Price $1,950.00

MP5 clone with 5.8" barrel that has a trilug mount as well as a threaded section. Comes with two 30 round magazines. NEW. UPC:897903003173

B&T GHM9 9mm (NGZ1396) NEW

B&T GHM9 9mm (NGZ1396) NEW

Price $1,599.95

Compact model with 4" threaded barrel. Takes Sig Sauer P320 magazines. NEW. UPC:840225705836

B&T APC9K 9mm (NGZ1389) NEW

B&T APC9K 9mm (NGZ1389) NEW

Price $2,899.95

Swiss made tactical pistol with threaded barrel. Takes Glock magazines. Tan finish. Non-reciprocating charging handle. NEW. UPC:840225705577

B&T APC9 9mm (NGZ1388) NEW

B&T APC9 9mm (NGZ1388) NEW

Price $2,699.95

Pro model with 7" barrel. Glock magazine compatible. Tan finish. NEW. UPC:840225705546

CZ Bren 2MS 7.62x39 (PR56813)

CZ Bren 2MS 7.62x39 (PR56813)

Price $1,999.95

14" barrel model adjustable gas block and foldable brace and ambi magazine release. Comes with one magazin. Excellent condition.

B&T TP9 9mm (NGZ1057) New

B&T TP9 9mm (NGZ1057) New

Price $2,250.00

Swiss made polymer pistol with integrated sights and 30 round magazine. Comes with sling. New. UPC:840225705706

Sites Spectre HC Pistol 9mm...

Sites Spectre HC Pistol 9mm (PR56454)

Price $2,795.00

Pre-ban Italian imported pistol with sling, three original coffin mags. and laser. Excellent condition. Comes with PDW soft bag.



Price $1,095.00

Semi-automatic pistol with 9.6" barrel, black polymer frame, and ambidextrous safety with a threaded barrel. Comes with box and two 50 round magazines. NEW. UPC: 640832008579

FN 509 9MM (NGZ858) NEW

FN 509 9MM (NGZ858) NEW

Price $639.95

FN America 509, semi-automatic, striker fired, full size, 9mm, 4" barrel, polymer frame, fde finish, 2-17rd magazines. NEW UPC:845737010232

B&T APC9 Pro-S 9mm...

B&T APC9 Pro-S 9mm (PR54176) New

Price $2,495.00

Swiss made pistol compatible with Sig 320 9mm magazines. 7" barrel with tri-lug device. Excellent condition.

CZ Bren 2MS Pistol 5.56X45...

CZ Bren 2MS Pistol 5.56X45 (NGZ776) NEW

Price $2,150.00

Cz, Bren 2 modular system pistol, 14" barrel, aluminum frame, polymer grips, manual safety, full size, iron sights, 30rd, semi-automatic, black finish. New. UPC:806703914527