SIG P210 & X-Series Pistols

SIG P210-5 Target 9mm...

SIG P210-5 Target 9mm (PR54807)

Price $4,250.00

Original Swiss made P210 target pistol with 150mm extended barrel. Has custom Nill grips. Excellent condition with box, papers, extra mag and tool. A very desirable Swiss SIG pistol.

Swiss Arms SAN SIG P210-6...

Swiss Arms SAN SIG P210-6 Heavy Frame 9mm...

Price $5,500.00

Rare Swiss Arms SAN made late production P210 pistol with Heavy Frame. These guns were made in the early 2000's and were the last of the Swiss made P210's. This one is marked "heavy frame" on the frame. Excellent condition with case, papers and extra mag. A very desirable and unusual P210 pistol.

Sig Sauer X-Five 9mm (PR54378)

Sig Sauer X-Five 9mm (PR54378)

Price $3,250.00

Premium all steel target pistol with 5" barrel, adjustable rear sight, ambi safety and magwell. Near excellent condition with box and extra magazine. A popular German made target pistol.

SIG SAUER X-Five 40S&W...

SIG SAUER X-Five 40S&W (PR37750)

Price $2,995.00
SIG SAUER P226S 40S&W caliber pistol. X-Five target model with adjustable sights and trigger and wooden grips. Excellent condition with box and extra magazine.