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At Collectors Firearms, our odds and ends include antique pistol crossbows for sale, as well as 19th century pistol knives from Unwin & Rogers. However, since our inventory changes frequently as we buy and sell, your best bet is to bookmark our new arrivals page and check it often.

Browse our collection of pistol knives and pistol crossbows for sale below. For other antique handguns, visit our flintlock and double barrel flintlock pistols, black powder percussion cap pistols, and antique Remington pages. Or branch out to other categories, like antique long guns, shotguns, or edged weapons.

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Unwin & Rodgers Knife...

Unwin & Rodgers Knife Pistol (AH4186)

Price $2,475.00
Unwin & Rodgers Knife Pistol. Circa 1850. Percussion variation. Blades marked “Non XLL, Unwin & Rodgers”. Blades are very good. Springs are firm. Longest blade is 3 ½”. Barrel length is 3 5/8”. Grip panels are very good with a small chip out of the toe of the left grip panel. Bullet mold in the left grip panel, and tweezers in the right grip panel. Gun is very good plus overall. Very fine...
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Rare French Pinfire...

Rare French Pinfire Revolver combination...

Price $1,850.00
Rare French Pinfire Revolver combination folding knife pistol. Circa 1880. Barrel and cylinder are both marked “St. Etienne”. Approximately 5mm pinfire. Action works perfectly. Gun is in a buffalo horn casing. Blade marked “Brevete SGDG”, and "SB" on the ricasso. Blade is very good plus. Gun retains approximately 70% nickel. Rare oddity gun!
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Rare Dolne Apache Knukle...

Rare Dolne Apache Knukle Duster (AH4132)

Price $2,950.00
Rare Dolne Apache Knukle Duster. Three weapons in one: first one, pinfire revolver; second one, brass knuckles; third one, serpentine dagger. Gun has approximately 93-95% original nickel. Cylinder has a blue-gray mix. Action works perfectly. Marked “L Dolne” on frame. Rare oddity gun in fine condition.
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Day’s Patent Trunnion...

Day’s Patent Trunnion Pistol (AH3807)

Price $8,750.00
Day’s Patent Trunnion Pistol. Very interesting gun! 16” in overall length with an approximate 1” bore at the muzzle. This was a single shot gun with a screw off barrel. Barrel has Birmingham proof marks Eagles head is still very sharp and has quite a lot of nice detail. Gun works perfectly. Very scarce gun that is seldom encountered.
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Japanese Matchlock pistol...

Japanese Matchlock pistol (AH3486)

Price $3,850.00
Japanese Matchlock pistol. Barrel length 12" and overall lenght 20½". Barrel is silver inlaid with several crabs and two crab nets above and several birds in flights. Gun is very good plus overall. Gun is complete and works perfectly. Note: Matchlock pistols are by far more difficult to find than Matchlock long guns. The pistol is cased along with a Japanese Tanto in a bone saya, all nicely...
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Italian powder tester made...

Italian powder tester made from an original...

Price $2,850.00
Italian powder tester made from an original flintlock pistol. Name on lock is partially legible and appears to be Italian. Overall length is 10 1/2". Gun has a carved stock with a carved birds head butt. This was originally a flintlock pistol probably circa 1750 and made into a powder tester. Lever on the side of the graduated wheel relieves the spring tension for re-setting the wheel for...
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Crossbow Pistol  (AH3217 )

Crossbow Pistol (AH3217 )

Price $1,895.00
Crossbow Pistol with a rifled barrel. Beautifully made. Probably German. Approximately .41 caliber. Barrel is a swamped brass hexagon type and is 5 1/2" long. Overall length is 11 1/2". All stock furniture is brass with a dark mustard color. Gun is excellent. This is a very well made crossbow pistol.
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Scarce Unwin & Rogers Knife...

Scarce Unwin & Rogers Knife Pistol (AH2673)

Price $2,575.00
Scarce Unwin & Rogers Knife pistol. Percussion model with two blade, both marked Unwin and Rogers. Gun has very unusual but very attractive old stag grips (or scales). Gun has correct bullet mold and tweezers in butt. Also has a trap in butt for balls. Very fine example.  
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Unwin & Rogers Knife pistol...

Unwin & Rogers Knife pistol (AH2640)

Price $2,495.00
Unwin & Rogers Knife pistol. .32 caliber rimfire antique. Both blades are marked Unwin & Rogers on the ricasso and both blade are very good with no nicks or sharpened areas. (Some light scratches are evident.) The buffalo horn scales are excellent with no cracks or chips. Barrel has 98-99% original nickel and is marked Unwin & Rogers and "NON-XLL". This is very nice cartridge example of a...
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Unwin & Rogers Knife .25...

Unwin & Rogers Knife .25 Caliber Pistol (AH2611)

Price $3,495.00
Unwin & Rogers Knife .25 caliber pistol. In excellent condition with nice markings on barrel. Grips do not have any cracks, chips, etc. Etching on blades is still very good and you can still read "Self Protector". Gun is approximately a .25 caliber. Very fine condition as most of these are well worn.  
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