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Cartridge Antique Long Guns, Marlin Lever Action Rifles & Henry Rifles for Sale

We have Marlin lever action rifles, Evans rifles, and Henry rifles for sale in our extensive inventory of cartridge antique long guns, which also includes Spencers, Sharps, Remingtons, and fine rifles from England and Continental Europe. Our cartridge long guns are highly collectable and our inventory changes frequently, so bookmark our new arrivals pageand check it often.

Check out our inventory of cartridge antique long guns below. For other long guns, browse our rifles, shotguns, and Winchesters.

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Remington Rolling Block...

Remington Rolling Block Sporting Rifle (AL5432)

Price $1,895.00

12190. 32 RF caliber with a 30” barrel. This gun is in very nice condition with 60% of the original blue. The receiver still has mottled visible case colors. Wood is very good with a Schutzen style butt plate. Action works perfect. Bore has excellent rifling with some pitting in the grooves.

Maynard Model 1873 .25...

Maynard Model 1873 .25 (AL5225)

Price $1,350.00

Maynard Model 1873 .25 caliber carbine. Single shot cartridge carbine, has been refinished. Bore has strong rifling with some minor pitting near chamber. Wood has some nicks and dings and is proud of the metal ( has not been cleaned). Very good overall condition.

Triplett & Scott Civil War...

Triplett & Scott Civil War Carbine (AL4223)

Price $1,995.00

Triplett & Scott Civil War carbine with 22" barrel in .52 caliber. Nice sharp gun. Barrel has a dark patina with some blue. Case colors on frame have turned to brown. Wood is very good. There is only a small split at the magazine. Almost all have a wood split at the magazine and usually barely noticeable. Bore is excellent. Very nice shape.

Parker Side by Side D Grade...

Parker Side by Side D Grade Under Lifter (AL7215)

Price $7,950.00

32” Barrels, bores are bright. Action works perfectly. Barrel has 98% Damascus, frame and locks have some case colors with some fading. Stocks have beautiful figure to the wood. Stocks are excellent as refinished and recheckered. Length of pull is 14¾” over a skeleton Parker...

Holland & Holland Dominion...

Holland & Holland Dominion Double Rifle 450 BPE...

Price $19,500.00

Serial number 12049. T450 BPE 3 ¼” with 28” barrels. This gun has been expertly restored to new condition. Action works perfectly. Bores are very good with nice sharp rifling and bright and shiny. The action is engraved with multiple game scenes featuring bears, a dear a lion and a tiger. These are typical scenes...

Stevens Tip Up Rifle .22...

Stevens Tip Up Rifle .22 Caliber (AL5689)

Price $1,250.00

Single shot rifle with heavy 24" barrel. Bore has strong rifling with frosting. Butt plate is a later replacement. Action works properly. Good overall condition.

Marlin 1881 .40-60 (AL7360)

Marlin 1881 .40-60 (AL7360)

Price $2,250.00

SN:10144. Manufactured in 1886. Barrel s 28". Bore has strong rifling with pitting. Metal has a grey patina. Action works properly. Stock has an age crack at butt plate. Good overall condition. An early big bore lever action.

Remington Keen Sporting...

Remington Keen Sporting Rifle .45-70 (AL7572)

Price $3,995.00

Bolt action sporting rifle manufactured in the 1880's. Half round half octagon barrel is 24". Bore is excellent. Stock has some cracks in the usual areas of the wrist and magazine gate. Action works perfectly. Very good overall condition.

Single Shot Target Rifle...

Single Shot Target Rifle .22 LR (AL5520)

Price $1,075.00

Single shot target rifle. Barrel and receiver are unmarked. Rifle is Belgian in style and is of a quality manufacture. Barrel is 26". Action works properly. Bore is good with strong rifling and frosting. Very good overall condition.

Brown Mfg Co Ballard Rifle...

Brown Mfg Co Ballard Rifle (AL5455)

Price $2,450.00

Single shot rifle. Receiver is marked "Brown MFG Co. Newburyport MA. Ballard's patent". Barrel is marked "No. 38". Early style external extractor model. Bore is very good with strong rifling. Action works perfectly. Stocks have their original varnish. Edges on barrel are nice and sharp. A fine example.

Ben Hodges Ballard Pacific...

Ben Hodges Ballard Pacific rifle 40-65B (AL7312)

Price $20,000.00

Ben Hodges Ballard Pacific rifle serial number 1004 chambered in 40-65B with a 30” octagon barrel. Hodges is one of the few outlaws and cattlemen to survive the wild days in Dodge City. This rifle shows some wear and usage. The stock is cracked from Hodges striking a man in the...

Marlin 1892 .22 LR (AL5414)

Marlin 1892 .22 LR (AL5414)

Price $1,295.00

SN:123494. Manufactured in 1896. Barrel is 24". Bore has strong rifling with frosting and a few minor pits. Action works properly. Good overall condition.

Sharps 1874 Military Rifle...

Sharps 1874 Military Rifle (AL7072)

Price $5,995.00

Serial number C51678. 50-70 caliber with a 30” barrel. Nice sharp gun with a bluish gray patina. Wood is very good. Hard to find Sharps 1874 Military Rifle!

Stevens Tip Up Rifle (AL5519)

Stevens Tip Up Rifle (AL5519)

Price $1,295.00

Single shot rifle manufactured in the 1880's. Bore is approximately .36 caliber. Receiver and butt plate have most of their original nickel plating with flaking. Stock has an old repair at wrist. Bore has strong rifling with frosting. Action works properly. Barrel is 24" and has an even brown patina. Address markings are easily visible.

Marlin 1893 .38-55 (AL7059)

Marlin 1893 .38-55 (AL7059)

Price $1,575.00

SN:158308. Manufactured in 1898. Barrel is 26". Metal has a grey and brown patina. Bore has strong rifling with frosting. Action works properly. Stocks are good with normal field wear. Good overall condition.

U.S. Model 1882...

U.S. Model 1882 Chaffee-Reese Bolt Action Rifle...

Price $3,750.00

NSN, 45-70 27 7/8" round barrel manufactured 1884 by Springfield Armory with a total production of 753 being made. Overall  very good condition with 90% original blue remaining. Bore is bright and shiny with strong rifling noted. Stock shows minor dings and gouges with a sharp cartouche noted on the left side. The left side is also stamped 229562. 

Maynard Patent Improved...

Maynard Patent Improved Hunting Rifle No. 7...

Price $2,350.00

This fine Maynard Patent Model 1873 single shot rifle appears to be an Improved Hunter's Rifle No. 7 in one of the various thick base 40 caliber Maynard centerfire cartridges. The overall length is approx. 36". The 20" round 40 caliber centerfire barrel has a very good bore with good rifling and light firing erosion. The front sight is a Beach combination style and the rear sight has two...