Antique Shotguns - Pre-1899

Antique Shotguns (Pre-1899): Belgian Shotguns, Side by Side Shotguns

Our inventory of antique shotguns is made up of shotguns manufactured before 1899, including English, French, and Belgian shotguns. Side by side shotguns of this era are highly collectable and our inventory changes frequently. Be sure to bookmark our new arrivals page and check it often.

Browse our collection of pre-1899 antique shotguns below. For other antique firearms, check out our antique handguns, antique long guns, and old ammo, tools & neat stuff.

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Parker Side by Side D Grade...

Parker Side by Side D Grade Under Lifter (AL7215)

Price $7,950.00

32” Barrels, bores are bright. Action works perfectly. Barrel has 98% Damascus, frame and locks have some case colors with some fading. Stocks have beautiful figure to the wood. Stocks are excellent as refinished and recheckered. Length of pull is 14¾” over a skeleton Parker...

Percussion Fowler (AL6939)

Percussion Fowler (AL6939)

Price $875.00

Percussion fowler from the 1850's and is American in style. Barrel is 27". Lock and barrel are unmarked. Overall length is 43". Stock has an old crack near wedge on left side. Engraving on lock and hamer are faint. Good overall condition.

Percussion Double 10 Gauge...

Percussion Double 10 Gauge by Mortimer (AL7165)

Price $895.00

Side by side field gun manufactured in the 1860's. Locks are marked "Mortimer". Hammers cock and function properly. Metal has an even brown patina. Barrels are 32". Stock has a repaired crack behind locks. Good overall condition.

Belgian Percussion Double...

Belgian Percussion Double 10 Gauge (AS52)

Price $1,250.00

Manufactured in the 1860's. Damascus barrels are 30". Hammers cock and function properly. Locks, hammers and trigger guard are scroll engraved. Good overall condition.

English Double 12 Gauge...

English Double 12 Gauge Pinfire by Harvey (AL7164)

Price $1,250.00

Manufactured in the 1860's. Damascus barrels are approximately 30". Action works properly and hammers cock. Locks are marked "W.J Harvey". Bottom or receiver is marked "Harvey Exeter" and "Patent No 4395". Locks are engraved with scenes of dogs on point. Stock has an old crack at heel. Good overall condition. An interesting pinfire shotgun.

Parker Bros. 10 Gauge...

Parker Bros. 10 Gauge Double (AS74)

Price $1,750.00

SN:66436. Sidelock double with hammers. Damascus barrels are 32". Right hammer needs repair; left hammer cocks are functions properly. Original butt plate has some wear, no chips or cracks. Stocks are good with minor nicks and dings. Good overall condition.

Percussion Double 12 Gauge...

Percussion Double 12 Gauge by Perkins (AS81)

Price $975.00

Percussion side by side field gun manufactured in the 1860's. Hammers cock and function properly. Barrel is 31" marked "London Fine Twist". Overall length is 48". Locks are marked "Perkins". Good overall condition.

Belgian 16 Gauge Double...

Belgian 16 Gauge Double Pinfire (AS76)

Price $1,495.00

Handsome pinfire double manufactured in the 1860's. Damascus barrels are 29". Receiver, trigger guard, hammers and side locks are engraved with a  floral motif. Hammers cock and function properly. Good overall condition.

L.C. Smith Quality No. 2...

L.C. Smith Quality No. 2 Hammerless 12 Gauge...

Price $1,495.00

Side by side with auto ejectors and single selective trigger. Damascus barrels are 30". Metal has a grey patina. Stocks have some field wear. Good overall condition.

Parker Bros. Under Lever 10...

Parker Bros. Under Lever 10 Gauge Side by Side...

Price $1,895.00

Scarce 10 gauge. Damascus barrels are 30". Locks are marked "Parker Bros" and have some original case colors in protected areas. Hammers cock and function properly. Stock has a repaired crack at wrist. Good overall condition.

Vicente Arizmendi Double 16...

Vicente Arizmendi Double 16 Gauge (AS509)

Price $1,375.00

Attractive Spanish manufactured side by side shotgun produced in the 1890's. Rib is marked "Vicente Arizmendi Eibar". Damascus barrels are 29". Action and hammers work properly. Receiver has approximately 75% original nickel plating. A handsome and unusual shotgun.

English Sidelock Double 10...

English Sidelock Double 10 Gauge by Manton (AS137)

Price $2,500.00

English sidelock with hammers by Manton. Barrels are 30". Locks are scroll engraved and marked "J. Manton & Co.". Hammers cock and function properly. Very good overall condition. A quality English manufacturer.

Belgian Side by Side Hammer...

Belgian Side by Side Hammer 16 Gauge (AS502)

Price $1,450.00

Very appealing Belgian made double manufactured in the 1890's. Damascus barrels are 31". Underlever and side plates are engraved with a floral motif. Action works properly. Barrel rib is unmarked. Barrels when disasembled are marked with Belgian proofs near chambers. A handsome side by side.

English Double Sidelock by...

English Double Sidelock by C. G. Bonehill 12...

Price $1,250.00

Sidelock with hammers manufactured by C.G. Bonehill. Damascus barrels are 28". Locks are scroll engraved and marked "C. G. Bonehill". Action works properly. Butt plate has a minor chip at the toe. Forearm has a chip. Fair overall condition.

English Sidelock Double...

English Sidelock Double with Hammers by...

Price $1,795.00

Handsome English Sidelock double with hammers. Damascus barrels are 30" and marked "Charles William Richardson A & N CSL London". Sidelocks are marked "Army & Navy CSL London" and are nicely scroll engraved. Stocks are finely figured walnut with checkered butt. Bores are excellent.

T. Barker 8 Gauge Side by...

T. Barker 8 Gauge Side by Side (AS500)

Price $1,975.00

Scarce 8 gauge side by side made in Belgium during the 1870's. Damascus barrels are 36". Metal has a brown patina. Hammers function properly. Locks are marked "T. Barker". Good overall condition.

Charles Daly Sidelock...

Charles Daly Sidelock Double with Hammers 10...

Price $4,750.00

Very fine sidelock double with 34” Damascus barrels. Locks are marked “Charles Daly” and are scroll engraved. Walnut stocks are good with some field wear. Butt plate is horn, no cracks. Length of pull is 14 5/8”. Serial number on tang is 2004. Very good overall condition. A fantastic 10 gauge sidelock from a quality manufacturer.

St. Etienne Double 12 Gauge...

St. Etienne Double 12 Gauge (AS111)

Price $975.00

Side by side with 28" damascus barrels and hammers. Metal has a greying patina. Action works properly. Underside of barrels have French proof marks. Circa 1880's. Stock has a chip near wrist, otherwise shows normal field wear. Good overall condition.

Remington 1894 12 Gauge (AS85)

Remington 1894 12 Gauge (AS85)

Price $1,450.00

SN:6287. Double made in the mid 1890's. Barrels are nicely patterened damasucs measuring 30" choked modified. (Not safe to shoot with modern shells.) Stock is walnut and has some repairs at the wrist. Receiver has original case colors in protected areas. Original butt plate is very good, no chips or cracks. Chambers are 2 3/4". Bores are excellent. Very good overall condition.