German Headgear

WWII German Helmet (MM2538)

WWII German Helmet (MM2538)

Price $795.00

WWII German Double Decal Police Helmet. Liner Marked in ink "57" for size. This Helmet is a GI Bring Back and has seen real action. Swastika decal shows wear and some minor loss.

WWII German Navy Helmet...

WWII German Navy Helmet (MM2221)

Price $2,995.00

WWII German Navy Helmet With Leather Liner  No String And Chin Strap Broken. Single Gold Colored Eagle Decal. ET62 And 4052 At Back.

WWII German  Army M40...

WWII German Army M40 Helmet (MM2219)

Price $999.95

WWII Q64 German Army Helmet With Single Army Eagle. Leather Liner Is Dry With String Pulled From Three Fingers. Chin Strap is Intact. Original 80 Year Old Condition.

German WWI Pickelhaube...

German WWI Pickelhaube (MM1461)

Price $995.00

Ersatz felt WWI issued model 1895 Pickelhaube. Liner is a a little tatty, otherwise very good overall condition.

Luftwaffe M35 Double Decal...

Luftwaffe M35 Double Decal Helmet (MM1379)

Price $3,250.00

Early style with 1st pattern Luftwaffe eagle decal. Size 64. Batch number 3788. Liner is wartime replacement and has a soldier's name. Good overall condition.

German M35 Heere Helmet...

German M35 Heere Helmet with Field Repaint...

Price $2,450.00

Early style single decal M35 with aluminum reinforced liner and neat "saw dust" style field repaint. Size 62. Inside has soldier's initials. Liner is tatty, otherwise good overall condition.

German M16 Heere Helmet...

German M16 Heere Helmet (MM1375)

Price $1,450.00

Bing Brothers, of Nuremberg, manufactured. Size 64. Marked "GBN.64" near early style lug. Exterior lug on right hand side is missing, otherwise good overall condition.

German M16 Heer Helmet...

German M16 Heer Helmet (MM1374)

Price $895.00

Early style M16 with lugs on inside for chin strap. Good overall condition. Size 62. An iconic early steel helmet.

German M16 Helmet (MM1371)

German M16 Helmet (MM1371)

Price $1,450.00

German WWI issue. Early style with lugs where chinstrap attaches to helmet. Size 64. Liner is tatty. A desirable early helmet.

Luftwaffe Double Decal...

Luftwaffe Double Decal Reissue (MM1369)

Price $3,495.00

Desirable Luftwaffe helmet. Camo is coving up Luftwaffe eagle; upon close inspection it can still be seen. (Camo is coving it and not the other way around.) Batch number 4583. Helmet is marked Q66. Liner is tatty around edges and has early aluminum reinforcing. Good overall condition.