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French Pattern 1822 Musket...

French Pattern 1822 Musket (AL3284)

Price $3,995.00
French Pattern 1822 Musket. Very fine condition! Gun appears to be made for commercial market or a militia, there are no military markings. This musket may have been owned by a castle, the marking “Le Trot Rose” is the name of the castle located in Dijan. Nice sharp gun. Wood has good crisp edges. Metal has been lightly cleaned. Lock plate engraving is perfect. Overall excellent condition!
French 12mm Pinfire ( AH3109 )

French 12mm Pinfire ( AH3109 )

Price $1,795.00
French 12mm Pinfire revolver. Barrel has a canon muzzle and is 5 1/2” long. Gun is a factory engraved six shot. There is no maker’s name. Grips have 90% plus original varnish. Gun is double action only. This is a spurious CSA inscription with the name Richard Taylor on the barrel.This is a very sharp and eye catching large frame Pinfire. No abuse or damage. Gun has about 20% blue and the rest...
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French Pinfire 9mm (AH3026)

French Pinfire 9mm (AH3026)

Price $1,175.00
French Pinfire 9mm caliber revolver. Very fine revolver with about 90% fine original high polish blue. Gorgeous grips. This is a quality French Pinfire. Unmarked as to maker. Barrel length 5". Overall length 9 1/2".
French Over/Under Tap...

French Over/Under Tap Action Flintlock Pistol...

Price $1,450.00

French Over/Under Tap action flintlock pistol. Approximately 40 caliber. Barrels are 3 1/2" long. Pistol is 8 1/2" overall length. Action works fine. Frame is engraved and stock is silver wire inlaid and checkered. Gun has sliding safety.  

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French Model 1890 Berthier...

French Model 1890 Berthier carbine 8mm lebel...

Price $429.95
French Model 1890 Berthier carbine 8mm lebel caliber. Has 1916 type modifications. Matching serial numbers with original receiver number lined out. Very good bore and very good plus condition.  
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French "Collette" System...

French "Collette" System gravity feed repeating...

Price $4,750.00
French "Collette" System gravity feed repeating pistol. Barrel is 9" and over length is 15". Engraved frame, trigger guard and grip cap. Fine checkered stock. Gun has about 70-80% blue. Very desirable "system".  
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French 1917 8mm Lebel...

French 1917 8mm Lebel caliber rifle. (R10565)

Price $4,500.00
French 1917 8mm Lebel caliber rifle. French model 1917 semi auto rifle arsenal converted to single shot. Excellent condition with 95% blue on metal. Wood is excellent as well with just slight handling marks. Cartouches are sharp and excellent. Gun is all matching with exception of frame which this was probably done at the time of conversion done at the arsenal. These guns were ahead of their...
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French 1935 S 7.65 French...

French 1935 S 7.65 French Long (PR15668)

Price $459.95
French 1935 S 7.65 French Long caliber pistol. 1950 era of production. 95% finish. Very good bore. The right grip has a small chip out. Very good overall condition.  
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French 1833 Naval Boarding...

French 1833 Naval Boarding Axe (MEW1146)

Price $2,495.00
French 1833 Naval Boarding Axe While the model 1833 was made in great numbers, they are rarely seen today. Blade width from center of axe to point of spice is 10 3/4". The total length from the base of the haft to the top of pas the axe head is 20 1/2". Only markings on head is two anchor markings. According to some references, these were sold to the Boston Naval yard as surplus pre Civil War....
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French pinfire revolver...

French pinfire revolver (AH2793)

Price $795.00
French pinfire revolver approximately .44 caliber 6 shot. Bore is very good plus. Grips are excellent. Action is fine. Gun has approximately 50% original blue.  
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French Pinfire 11 MM...

French Pinfire 11 MM caliber revolver. (AH2901)

Price $1,175.00
French Pinfire 11 MM caliber revolver. 6-shots. Barrel length 5 1/2" and 11" over all length. Beautifully engraved. Excellent checkered wood grips. Action works perfectly.  
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French 1842/59 (MEW1204)

French 1842/59 (MEW1204)

Price $350.00
French 1842/59 bayonet, made in 1866. With original metal scabbard. Very good over all condition.
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French 1874 Gras (MEW1219)

French 1874 Gras (MEW1219)

Price $159.95
French 1874 Gras bayonet. Made at St. Etienne in 1878. Matching serial number on bayonet and scabbard. Very good condition.
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French double barrel...

French double barrel folding trigger (AH3119 )

Price $1,575.00
French double barrel folding trigger pistol by Ludet of Sedan. (Formerly a principality in the Ardennes in the north of France). Gun has canon barrels that are 2 1/4” long. Overall length is 6”. Caliber is approximately 9mm. Gun has a sliding hammer safety. Action function works perfectly. Stock is very good with no chips or cracks. Very nice 18th century French Flintlock.
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French cased pair of...

French cased pair of Officers Target pistols...

Price $8,500.00
French cased pair of Officers Target pistols. Large rifled bores. Barrels are 8" long and overall length is 13 1/2" Guns have a subdued French grey finish with two distinct patterns of Damascus. Guns have adjustable set triggers. Guns are unmarked. Gus, case and accessories are all excellent.
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French Perrin Revolver...

French Perrin Revolver (AH3159 )

Price $1,850.00
French Perrin Revolver. Action works fine. Bore has very deep rifling and is dark in the grooves. Grips are probably replaced. Serial numbers match.
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French Pinfire  (AH3188)

French Pinfire (AH3188)

Price $995.00
French Pinfire Revolver. Caliber is approximately 7.65 MM. Gun is factory engraved and has antlered stag on the topstrap. The rest of the gun has scroll and floral motif. Grips are very fine Gutta percha with no damage. Barrel length 3 1/4", overall 7".
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