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Sharps 1877 Rifle.  (AL3238)

Sharps 1877 Rifle. (AL3238)

Price $17,950.00
Sharps 1877 Rifle. Exceedingly rare. Called the Lower model as the total production of 75 was shipped to J.P. Lower in Denver, Colorado. Very good blue on barrel. Barrel is marked J.P. Lower behind rear sight. Case colors on frame have faded to gray. Very good wood. Bore is excellent and gun really does not show much use. Very scarce gun.
Sharps 1874 Hunters 40 - 2...

Sharps 1874 Hunters 40 - 2 1/2 (AL3200)

Price $6,750.00

Sharps 1874 Hunters 40 - 2 1/2 caliber rifle. Shipped on 1876 to the Dealer Olcutt and Brown in Michigan. Smooth brown patina on metal. Reproduction tang sight. Bore is very good. Very good example of a sharps Hunter's rifle. Most of these guns are well worn as they were the least expensive guns and used the most.

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Sharps 1863 composite...

Sharps 1863 composite military rifle. (AL3114)

Price $9,500.00
Sharps 1863 composite military rifle. This is an interesting gun in near mint condition. These guns were made post war out of parts left over from the percussion period. The frame and barrels on these guns will not match in serial number. All of the 1863 military rifles fell in the C30,000 - C39,000 range. The stock has both the civil war cartouche and post war cartouche. Most of these found...
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Sharps 1852 shotgun.  (AL2618)

Sharps 1852 shotgun. (AL2618)

Price $2,750.00
Sharps 1852 shotgun. Extremely rare as it is estimated that only 73 were made. Forearm and lower tang are replacements. other than that, this gun remains all original. Very scarce gun!  
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Unusual Frontier  Altered...

Unusual Frontier Altered Sharps saddle ring...

Price $2,950.00
Unusual Frontier Altered Sharps saddle ring carbine. This is a very unusual gun with several modifications by a gunsmith of the period. Attachment to trigger guard added to give a pistol grip feel. Hammer and trigger have both been changed to a Sharp 1877 style. Forearm also changed with Schnabel style forend. Carbine sling bar was eliminated. The lock plate was altered to an 1869 style. Gun is...
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Sharps 1853 Sporting rifle....

Sharps 1853 Sporting rifle. (AL3072)

Price $3,500.00
Sharps 1853 Sporting rifle. Unusually late serial number 20990 for a 1853 Sporting rifle. This gun is in 52 caliber and the bore is dark and the rifling is strong and does pitting. The metal has a brown patina with light pitting. Gun has set trigger and there is light chipping around frame and lock. Scarce gun to see in a sporting rifle!  
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Sharps Borchardt Carbine....

Sharps Borchardt Carbine. (AL3144)

Price $7,500.00
Sharps Borchardt Carbine. Very fine original finish, approximately 384 of these guns were made. This gun is in 45-70 and has an excellent bore. 60-70% blue slightly fading. Stock is very good plus. Gun comes with letter stating this gun was sold to the State of Louisiana and shipped to New Orleans. Rare carbine with decent finish left on it. This is unquestionably the best condition one we have...
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Sharps 3 Band Military...

Sharps 3 Band Military rifle ( AL2593)

Price $1,750.00
Sharps 3 Band Military rifle. Light gray brown patina throughout metal. There is pitting in isolated spots. This gun has been converted to a shotgun. This is a Civil War gun that shows an interesting conversion indicating possible frontier use.  
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Sharps Sporting Rifle...

Sharps Sporting Rifle .30-06 SPRG (R13537 )

Price $3,995.00
Sharps Sporting Rifle .30-06 SPRG caliber rifle. Rare Colt Sharps rifle, made in 1970. These single shot rifles have a Borchardt type action and deluxe wood, only about 500 were ever made. This one is a prototype from the Colt Archive Collection, making it a very early and desirable historic piece.
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Sharps 1878 Panel Frame...

Sharps 1878 Panel Frame Borchardt .45-70 (AL3062)

Price $7,500.00
Scarce Sharps 1878 Panel Frame Borchardt .45-70 with a 30" barrel. Gun has been professionally restored to near mint condition. Bore is excellent and action is tight. Very scarce gun as according to the Sellers Book on Sharps Firearms, only 230 guns in this model were made.
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Sharps Pistol Carbine...

Sharps Pistol Carbine (AL3289 )

Price $9,850.00
Sharps Pistol Carbine. Excellent condition. Beautiful browned barrel. Case colors still remain on frame and butt plate. Wood is excellent. Bore is excellent. Gun does not look like it was ever used. Very fine Sharps pistol carbine.
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