German G33/40 Mountain...

German G33/40 Mountain Carbine Barrel 7.92x57...

Price $174.95

SN:8624b. German G33/40 mountain carbine 19.25" barrel chambered in 7.92x57. Barrel has waffenamts and visible military markings. Rifling is good, sights are present but rear sights are bent. Overall condition is good.

MG 34 Barrel 8mm Mauser...

MG 34 Barrel 8mm Mauser (MIS2371)

Price $225.00

German made MG 34 barrel chambered in 8mm Mauser. Marked DFB with waffenamts. Rifling is strong with frosting noted.

Remington 1903 Barrel...

Remington 1903 Barrel (MIS2088)

Price $299.95

Made in 1944. 1903 24" barrel. Bore is in excellent condition. Overall condition is excellent. Come with original wrapping.

Mexican Mauser Presentation...

Mexican Mauser Presentation Plaqque (MIS1602)

Price $995.00

Plaque/ Desk Ornament made from a Mexican mauser action and part of the barrel. It was presented to Colonel Corando L. Ruiz who was the Director of the National Arms Makers.

Lot of SS Booklets (MM1407)

Lot of SS Booklets (MM1407)

Price $1,895.00

Lot of four SS booklets. SS Soldbuch with picture inside and earliest dates (inside booklet) of 1944. Dich Ruft Die SS booklet, which is a little tatty and has a hole punch thru top left corner. 1944 dated SS Soldatenfeund. Lastly a 1942 dated SS Leitheft. A reasonably priced set with a hard to find SS Soldbuch with photo.

Surplus East German Rg57...

Surplus East German Rg57 AK-74 cleaning kit...

Price $50.00

Surplus East German (DDR) Rg57 cleaning kit for the MPi Km-72 & MPi KmS-72 assault rifles (East German AKM derivatives). Kit is complete & in excellent condition.