Misc Military Items

German WWII M35 Map Pouch...

German WWII M35 Map Pouch (MM1506)

Price $149.95

Dated 1939. Leather is marked "Thiele A.-G. Dresden 1939". Flap has some tinnies added, most likely by a GI. Very good overall condition.

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US Vietnam Era Survival...

US Vietnam Era Survival Gear (MM1416)

Price $175.00

US pilots survival gear from the Vietnam Era. Manufactured by Precision Inc. Interesting three in one set of axe, shovel and saw. Has original pouch. Very good overall condition.

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British WWI Truncheon (MM1362)

British WWI Truncheon (MM1362)

Price $850.00

WWI issue British truncheon. Lead cap, with studs, is broad arrow marked and dated 1918. A desirable trench weapon!

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Scarce Johnson Automatics...

Scarce Johnson Automatics Indoor Target Gun...

Price $225.00

The Johnson Indoor Target Gun was designed in 1945 and manufactured in late 1946 or early 1947. The heavy cardboard box it came in also served as its target backstop. The .177 caliber BBs had a velocity of about 100 feet per second. It is propelled by a rubber bungee tube. The Indoor Target gun was introduced in mid-1947. At a $15 list price it was not a good seller. Other BB guns, and even...

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Mauser 98K Cleaning Kit...

Mauser 98K Cleaning Kit (MM1153)

Price $50.00
Mauser 98K Cleaning Kit. Unmarked Mauser cleaning kit. Kit has oiler, brushes and chain. Kit could be late or post war. Container is in very good shape with no dings or major scratches!
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U.S. WWII German T.Mi.35...

U.S. WWII German T.Mi.35 Training Tellermine...

Price $295.00

U.S. WWII German T.Mi.35 Training Tellermine. A WWII manufactured T.Mi.35 mine built by the U.S. to train troops on how to deactivate live Tellermines. This mine is inert and hollow.

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U.S Model 1872 Hagner...

U.S Model 1872 Hagner Intrenching Tool (MEW1420)

Price $595.00
U.S Model 1872 Hagner Intrenching Tool. Used during the initial War Era. U.S. markedon the tool and scabbard. The scabbard is unit marked and shows minor damage. Very good plus.
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Three “Magic” Lantern Glass...

Three “Magic” Lantern Glass Slides by Taylor &...

Price $225.00
Three “Magic” Lantern Glass Slides by Taylor & Huntington. Lantern glass slides are from a series called “Original War Views 1861-1865”. Slides depict: Little Round Top, soldiers tearing up railroad railing, and unit symbol.
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Tongs  (MM476)

Tongs (MM476)

Price $195.00
Tongs for handling cannon balls.
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