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When it comes to pepperbox handguns and derringers for sale, you can’t beat Collectors Firearms. Our extensive inventory includes a wide variety of highly collectable Allen and Thurber perpperboxes, French and English pepperboxes, and single and over/under derringers from Remington and other manufacturers. We update our inventory often, so bookmark our list of new arrivals and check back often.

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Very rare Reid Number 1...

Very rare Reid Number 1 Knuckle Duster (AH3559)

Price $3,950.00
Very rare Reid Number 1 Knuckle Duster. Very rare gun. Made in 1875. You will find the .32 caliber with no barrel without too much trouble. The three inch barrel is the rarity factor!
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Beautiful Deluxe Engraved...

Beautiful Deluxe Engraved Slotter Derringer...

Price $3,250.00
Beautiful Deluxe Engraved Slotter Derringer. 2½" barrel. This is a Slotter made derringer that is extra fancy. It has a trap in the butt for extra caps, engraving on the barrel and a gold inlayed barrel band. Wood is excellent with very sharp checkering. Barrel has a smooth brown patina with some minor pin-point pitting. Lock has nice engraving and you can make out the name Slotter toward the...
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San Francisco marked Henry...

San Francisco marked Henry Deringer (AH3549)

Price $1,895.00
San Francisco marked Henry Deringer. 2 1/2" barrel. Barrel is marked "C. Curry/San Franc^c Cal^a/AGENT" lock is nice and sharp and has clear engraving. Barrel has a light brown patina. Wood is very good with good checkering and free of cracks, chips, etc. Action works perfect. Very nice example of a California agent marked derringer!
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Cased Robbins & Lawrence...

Cased Robbins & Lawrence Pepperbox .31 caliber...

Price $3,475.00
Cased Robbins & Lawrence Pepperbox .31 caliber revolver. Action works perfectly. Gun has a bright finish, very sharp with excellent markings. Grips are excellent. Accessories are excellent with beautiful powder flask, excellent mold, cleaning rod, and oil bottle. Very fine cased set.
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Allen Thurber Pepperbox...

Allen Thurber Pepperbox (AH3504)

Price $875.00
Allen Thurber pepperbox revolver. Worchester production. Gun has a 4” barrel and engraved nipple shield. Grips are very good plus. Action works perfectly. Good looking even patina pepperbox!
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Allen & Thurber Dragoon...

Allen & Thurber Dragoon Size Pepperbox (AH3501)

Price $1,850.00
Allen & Thurber Dragoon Size Pepperbox. Norwich production. This revolver has flat barrel ribs and nipple shield. Action revolves and works perfectly. Barrel length 6” engraved frame. Grips are excellent. Gun is in the white. 1837 patent date.
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National No.2 Derringer .41...

National No.2 Derringer .41 Rimfire (AH3496)

Price $995.00
National No.2 Derringer .41 Rimfire caliber. Bore is rough as are so many .41 RF Derringers. This is a nice example that has approximately 25% original gold wash. Gun is factory engraved with scrolls. Grips are ebonized black (factory original). Metal is excellent. Barrel has no finish, but is very sharp with no rust or pits. Very fine No. 2 National.
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Moore No. 1 Derringer .41...

Moore No. 1 Derringer .41 rimfire (AH3495)

Price $1,495.00
Moore No. 1 Derringer .41 rimfire. Bore is very good. Gun is factory engraved and has approximately 70% original silver plating. Action works perfectly. Fine example of a No. 1 model Moore.
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Remington Model 95 Double...

Remington Model 95 Double Derringer .41 Rimfire...

Price $1,295.00
Remington Model 95 Double Derringer .41 Rimfire caliber pistol. This is a type II variation with one line "Remington Arms Co. Ilion N.Y." Address bores are amazingly excellent. Gun has old original mellow ivory grips which are excellent. Action works perfectly. Hinges are not cracked. Gun is about very good overall and comes with a nice case which in our opinion has some age (maybe 30-40 years...
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Southerner Derringer (AH3435)

Southerner Derringer (AH3435)

Price $695.00
Southerner Derringer. Nice sharp gun with very good markings and a smooth brown patina. Nice brass with a beautiful patina that is completely untouched. Grips are very good. Action works perfectly. Attractive desirable derringer.  
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Allen Center Hammer .22...

Allen Center Hammer .22 caliber single shot...

Price $795.00
Allen Center Hammer .22 caliber single shot. Gun has a Birds Head grip. markings are sharp. Bore is fair with wear. Action works fine. Grips with carved erotic figure are later production but fit well and are very well carved.  
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Starr Derringer .32 caliber...

Starr Derringer .32 caliber (AH3444)

Price $1,195.00
Starr Derringer .32 caliber revolver. Very sharp gun with a smooth brown patina on barrels. Markings are all visible. Action functions and firing pin even rotates. Grips are very good. Very good example of a scarce derringer.  
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Allen and Thurber Dragoon...

Allen and Thurber Dragoon size Pepperbox. (AH3415)

Price $6,750.00
Allen and Thurber Dragoon size Pepperbox. Worchester Production in beautiful case. 6” barrel, nipple shield and frame are ribbed engraved. Grips are excellent. Case is excellent, both interior and exterior. Accessories are bullet mold, cap box and flask. Dragoon size Allens are rare in fine condition and nice cased Dragoon Pepper-boxes even more so.
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Rare Eclipse .25 Stevens...

Rare Eclipse .25 Stevens Caliber (AH3405)

Price $575.00
Rare Eclipse .25 Stevens Caliber . Single shot Derringer. Bore is fair. Action works fine. Gun is marked Eclipse on the left side of the barrel flat. Grips are very good with no chips or cracks. Gun has about 50-60% original nickel. Scarce in .25 caliber.  
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Allen Bar Hammer pepperbox...

Allen Bar Hammer pepperbox .31 (AH3397)

Price $1,850.00
Allen Bar Hammer pepperbox .31 caliber. Serial number 44 inside trigger guard. Action works perfectly. Gun has very good thinning blue. This variation is difficult to indentify. This gun has a 3 1/2” barrel, fluted ribs, engraved recoil shield “Dog Leg” shape grip and low placement grip location for spring tension screw. So we think this is a transition from Grafton to Norwich.  
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Remington over/under .41...

Remington over/under .41 R.F. (AH5118)

Price $495.00
Remington over/under .41 R.F. caliber pistol. Hinge broken on left side, though the right side is ok. Action works fine. Barrel locks up fine. Bore is rough. Reasonably price.
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Sharps Model 4C (AH3327)

Sharps Model 4C (AH3327)

Price $895.00
Sharps Model 4C derringer. Silver plated frame and blued barrels. Nice condition with over 50% of the original finish. Action works perfectly, but is missing the rotating firing pin. Grips have excellent original varnish. Attractive Sharps "Bulldog" derringer!
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Six Barrel Pepperbox (AH3307)

Six Barrel Pepperbox (AH3307)

Price $1,495.00
Very Unusual Six Barrel Pepperbox approximately .27 caliber with octagon barrels. Barrel length 3 3/4". Overall length 8 1/2". Barrels hand rotate using button release on left side. Note: Grips are silver wire and pearl inlaid. This decoration is very much like the decoration on Ottoman Guns made in the Balkans. We have not seen another pepperbox with this barrel configuration and maybe unique...
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German Flobert System...

German Flobert System Indoor Parlor Gun (AH3236)

Price $398.50
German Flobert System indoor parlor gun. "Crown U" proofed. Bore is poor. This is an unusual Flobert pistol due to its overall form with the sloping angle of the grip and the Germanic engraving style. Action works fine and grips are excellent. Gun has 93-95% original nickel. Barrel length 4 3/4" overall length 8".
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