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When it comes to pepperbox handguns and derringers for sale, you can’t beat Collectors Firearms. Our extensive inventory includes a wide variety of highly collectable Allen and Thurber perpperboxes, French and English pepperboxes, and single and over/under derringers from Remington and other manufacturers. We update our inventory often, so bookmark our list of new arrivals and check back often.

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Southerner Derringer...

Southerner Derringer caliber pistol. (AH2914)

Price $595.00
Southerner Derringer caliber pistol. Nice sharp gun with crisp markings on top of the barrel. The patent dates area slightly faded. Action works fine. Grips are fee of cracks and breaks.  
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English Transitional...

English Transitional Pepperbox (AH2028)

Price $2,950.00
English Transitional Pepperbox with 6" barrel and 12 1/2" overall length. Fine scroll engraving with a Phoenix bird on right side frame. Cap trap in bottom of butt. Fine checkered grips. Very fine revolver.
Previously sold
Unmarked "Hero" Percussion...

Unmarked "Hero" Percussion Derringer (AH2942)

Price $475.00
Unmarked "Hero" Percussion Derringer. Appears to be made exactly like the Manhattan or American Standard Tool Company. Hero but has no marking except Serial #19 on barrel and frame. Barrel has a light pit area on right side. Gun is about very good.
Previously sold
Francaise "Mitrailleuse"...

Francaise "Mitrailleuse" Pocket Repeating...

Price $2,250.00
Francaise "Mitrailleuse" Pocket Repeating pistol. Factory nickel frame etched with a diaper or geometric pattern. Excellent condition. Has small chip at lower part of grip material. Unusual etching pattern. This is a Mitrailleuse not a Galois. This is much scarcer.
Previously sold
Williamson Derringer .41...

Williamson Derringer .41 (AH2958)

Price $875.00
Williamson Derringer .41 caliber pistol. With percussion insert (Note: The nice quality insert is in our opinion a newer replacement). Wood has a wrist repair and forend repair on right side near muzzle. Action works fine and gun look very nice.
Previously sold
Sharps and Hankins Model 3...

Sharps and Hankins Model 3 .32 Short Rimfire...

Price $750.00
Sharps and Hankins Model 3 .32 Short Rimfire derringer. Bores are excellent. Barrel has approximately 80% blue. Grips are excellent. Action works perfectly. Fine Sharps and Hawkins.
Previously sold
Reid "My Friend"...

Reid "My Friend" Knuckle-Duster .32 (AH2959)

Price $2,895.00
Reid "My Friend" Knuckle-Duster .32 caliber revolver. Very fine condition with much of the original nickel on frame and cylinder. Action works perfectly and locks up tight. Engraving on frame is very nicely done and remains nice and sharp. Very fine example of one of these and certainly not as easy to find as the more common .22 caliber.
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Allen & Thurber Bar Hammer...

Allen & Thurber Bar Hammer Double Action (AH3190)

Price $1,075.00
Allen & Thurber Bar Hammer Double Action approximately .31 caliber pistol. 2" barrel length. Metal is very good with blue on barrel. Frame is sharply engraved. Grips are excellent. Hammer has very good case colors. Very fine Allen.
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French Gaulois Palm Squeeze...

French Gaulois Palm Squeeze pistol (AH2280)

Price $3,450.00
French Gaulois Palm Squeeze pistol. Blued and case hardened finish. Factory engraved. Manufacture Francais logo, Gaulois name and safety position are gold inlaid. Has pearl handle. Very desirable pistol for oddity collector.  
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Starr Derringer. Eben T....

Starr Derringer. Eben T. Starr .32 RF caliber...

Price $475.00
Starr Derringer. Eben T. Starr .32 RF caliber pepperbox with silver plated finish Missing grips and grip plate on butt. Firing pin does not rotate. Very rare. Only about 2000 produced 1864-1869. The action works.
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Hero Derringer (AH2340)

Hero Derringer (AH2340)

Price $595.00
Hero derringer single shot brass framed derringer marked "Hero M. F. A. Co" made by Manhattan Firearms Company. Scarce gun!
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British Transitional...

British Transitional Pepperbox revolver. (AH2696)

Price $950.00
British Transitional Pepperbox revolver. Approximately .38 caliber. 5 1/2" revolver. Approximately .38 caliber. 5 1/2" barrel and 12" overall. Good overall condition. Mechanically OK, but trigger return spring is weak.
Previously sold
Remington Rimfire Derringer...

Remington Rimfire Derringer .41 (AH3029)

Price $975.00
Remington Rimfire Derringer .41 caliber pistol. Over/under, Type II Model with address in a slanted one line. Bores are poor. Gun has 96-97% original nickel. Left grip has a chip. Hinge is fine and not cracked. Action works fine.
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Bacon Brass Frame Pistol...

Bacon Brass Frame Pistol (AH2443)

Price $495.00
Bacon (unmarked and no serial number). Poor bore. Fine mustard color brass. Excellent rosewood grips. Bore measures about .28 caliber??? Not listed in this caliber.    
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Remington Over/Under .41...

Remington Over/Under .41 caliber derringer....

Price $1,695.00
Remington Over/Under .41 caliber derringer. Factory engraved. Fair to good bores. Two line barrel address. Gun has Rosewood grips. Engraving is sharp. Gun has no finish but has a very pleasing overall appearance.  
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Lindsay Two Shot Derringer...

Lindsay Two Shot Derringer (AH3099)

Price $3,500.00
Lindsay Two Shot Derringer. Superposed load Lindsay two shot Derringer. Very rare gun. Finish has turned to a gray brownish patina. Engraving on barrel and frame nice and sharp. Very light pitting on barrel. Nice sharp grips. Gun works perfectly. Very neat scarce gun!
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Hero deringer.  (AH2473)

Hero deringer. (AH2473)

Price $498.50
Hero deringer. Percussion single shot. Very good condition. Nice example as most are well used.  
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Remington Factory engraved...

Remington Factory engraved Over/Under .41...

Price $1,950.00
Remington Factory engraved Over/Under .41 caliber derringer. Bores are fair to good. Engraving is sharp and gun has about 10-15% original nickel in protected areas. Hinges are fine with no cracks. Barrels lock up fine. Good looking factory engraved derringer.  
Previously sold
Morgan and Clapp Single...

Morgan and Clapp Single Shot Derringer .30...

Price $495.00
Morgan and Clapp Single Shot Derringer .30 Rimfire caliber antique handgun. Scarce gun with no serial number and is unmarked. Barrel appears to be an excellent re-blue. Bore is very good plus. Grips are very good. There are several pistols identical in appearance by Bacon, Merwin and Bray, etc, but are all in .32 caliber. This gun is in .30 rimfire which would lead us to say that this is a...
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