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US Model 1913 Patton Saber...

US Model 1913 Patton Saber Dated 1918 (SW1382)

Price $995.00

An excellent Landers, Frary, and Clark US Model 1913 Patton Saber and scabbard. The sword is marked on the ricasso, “LF&C” with an Ordnance flaming bomb, over “1918.” The reverse side is stamped “US” with an eagle’s head. The sword has the large black...

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US Model 1840 South...

US Model 1840 South Carolina Palmetto Armory...

Price $2,495.00

Very nice 1840 cavalry saber with scabbard that appears to have “Columbia S.C.” stamped on the ricasso. There are three small marks that interfere with the marking, so it is not possible to read the entire stamping clearly, but the “S.C.” is quite clear,...

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US Model 1872 Sword by US...

US Model 1872 Sword by US Armory (SW1404)

Price $1,295.00

Circa post 1900. Blade is 33 ½” long.  This sword is marked US Armory in Springfield, Massachusetts. This sword is in excellent condition with almost all of the nickel finish on the acid etched blade. Guard is gilded relief cast brass with a brass wire wrapped leather grip....

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US Model 1818 Sword by...

US Model 1818 Sword by Starr (SW1359)

Price $595.00

32” blade with a dark gray patina with pitting. Grip has bare wood with a dark patina. Scabbard is dark patina with some pitting.

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US Model 1812/13 Sword by...

US Model 1812/13 Sword by Starr (SW1367)

Price $395.00

33.75” blade with a dark, almost black patina. This sword is in attic condition and is untouched. The grip still has all of the leather wrapping. The scabbard is missing.

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Eagle Head Officer Sword...

Eagle Head Officer Sword (SW1334)

Price $595.00

Circa 1810-1820. 28 ½” blade with blue and gilt finish. Hilt is Cast brass with a nice eagle. Grip is carved ivory. Guard is broken and it is a little loose. Very nice sword.

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Beautiful Eagle Head Sword...

Beautiful Eagle Head Sword (SW1310)

Price $6,500.00

Circa 1830. Very fine eagle head straight blade single edged sword. Blade is single edged with a 31” blade and 36 ½” overall length. Blade  excellent blue and gilt with Patriotic themes. Blade is marked “PIES”. Hilt is gilded brass with an eagle head pommel and features a double foldable guard. The scabbard is gilded brass with an engraved face side. A little...

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Eagle Head Officer’s Sword...

Eagle Head Officer’s Sword (SW1341)

Price $3,500.00

Circa 1810-1820.. Blade is 30” long with a acid etching in patriotic themes finished in fading blue and gilt. From the tip of the blade going up 10” there is some darker staining. Hilt is relief cast brass with an ivory grip. The scabbard is engraved with scrolls and an American eagle. There is a repair midway up the scabbard. Scabbard has been cleaned....

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US Model 1860 Naval Cutlass...

US Model 1860 Naval Cutlass (SW1324)

Price $875.00

Civil War issue. Ricasso is dated 1864 and marked faintly on opposite side Ames with address. Blade is 26". Grip has leather wrap that is deteriorating. Knuckle guard has a mellow patina and looks great.

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US Eagles Head Officer's...

US Eagles Head Officer's Sword (SW1330)

Price $550.00

Circa 1810-1830. Blade is 31" and overall length is 18". Eagle's head pommel. Langets and knuckle guard have a floral motif. Blade has a faint etching of panoply of arms and floral motifs. Ivory grip. An affordable piece of early American history.

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German WWI Imperial Dress...

German WWI Imperial Dress Sword (SW1329)

Price $595.00

Blade is approximately 30". Overall length is 38". Folding guard has Imperial eagle. Wire is very good with a crack in the wrap exposing the wood underneath. Scabbard is good with some minor dings. Very good overall condition.

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US Model 1840 NCO Sword...

US Model 1840 NCO Sword (SW1302)

Price $495.00

Civil War era NCO's sword. Ricasso is dated 1863 and has inspectors markings. Other side of ricasso is marked Ames. Blade is 31" and has a gay and brown patina. Good overall condition. No scabbard.

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US Model 1902 Army...

US Model 1902 Army Officer's Sword (SW1300)

Price $395.00

US military dress sword. Blade is 29" and is etched with a floral motif. Overall length is approximately 35". Very good overall condition. (Knuckle guard has the remains of an old tassel; we decided to leave it on.)

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Argentine 1898 Artillery...

Argentine 1898 Artillery Sword (SW1295)

Price $495.00

Manufactured by Weyersberg & Kirschbauam & Co. Crest and inscription have been ground off, which is common on these swords. Very good overall condition. Scabbard has a black finish.

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Japanese Type 32 Saber...

Japanese Type 32 Saber (SW1290)

Price $449.95

Early 20th century Japanese Cavalry Saber. Front of knuckle guard has arsenal markings. Very good overall condition.

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US Model 1840 Artillery...

US Model 1840 Artillery Saber (SW1299)

Price $1,350.00

Civil War issue. Ricasso is marked "Ames Chicopee Mass." on one side and "US L.D. 1862" on other. Blade is very good with a couple minor nicks. Scabbard is very good with a gray and brown patina; no dents or dings. Wire and leather wrap are intact. Knuckle guard and pommel have a pleasing patina. Very good overall condition.

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US Model 1860 Staff & Field...

US Model 1860 Staff & Field Officer's Sword...

Price $395.00

Post civil war officer's sword. Blade is 28" and has a floral motif with US inscribed in center. Guard has a federal eagle. Wire and leather wrap are very good. Very good overall condition.

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