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You could find a rare Brown Bess musket for sale, an 1860 Martini Henry rifle for sale, or a Japanese WW2 rifle in our exciting inventory of highly collectable foreign military antique long guns. Our inventory of pieces from as far away as England, Continental Europe, and Asia is always changing, so collectors should bookmark our new arrivals pageand check it often.

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Rare French Model 1822...

Rare French Model 1822 Artillery Musket .69...

Price $2,995.00

NSN. .69 caliber, 36.25" round barrel French Model 1822 Artillery musket in orginal flintlock configuration. Overall excellent condition with the metal being in the white. Barrel tang is marked 1822 and barrel is marked 1824. Lock plate is marked Charleville. Stock is very good with handsome cartouche noted. A very rare piece for the French Collector!

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Chilean Model 1895 Mauser...

Chilean Model 1895 Mauser 7X57 (AL7836)

Price $895.00

SN:A7322. Chilean contract military Mauser. Stock has a nice 1895 dated cartouche. Serial numbers are matching, except for the cleaning rod. Bore is very good with strong rifling. Very good overall condition.

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French 1768 Charleville...

French 1768 Charleville flintlock musket .69...

Price $6,995.00

NSN, .69 caliber, 44.75" round barrel Rev. War ear French flintlock musket in "Attic" condition. Metal is a smooth dark brown patina with surface oxidation noted. Lock plate has a faint "Charleville" visible. Wood is good with handling and usage wear noted, as expected for a Rev. War era long arm. "IP" inspector mark is located on the side plate. Initials are carved next to side plate as...

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German 1888 Commission...

German 1888 Commission Rifle 8mm (AL7851)

Price $849.95

Serial No.1188A chambered in 8mm Mauser manufactured at Spandau 1890 in overall good condition, metal is smooth plum patina, stock shows dings, and scratches. Bore is excellent, action functions correctly. 

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German 1888 Commission...

German 1888 Commission Rifle by Spandau 8MM...

Price $795.00

SN:8744. German military rifle manufactured in 1896 at the Spandau arsenal. Serial numbers are matching. Metl has been refinished and looks great. Bore is good with strong rifling and minor frosting. Very good overall condition. Lower barrel band is unit marked "9.R.8.189." to a reserve infantry regiment.

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Model 1893 Mauser 7MM...

Model 1893 Mauser 7MM Mauser (AL7829)

Price $1,950.00

SN:B1683. Spanish contract. Stock has a nice 1894 dated cartouche. Serial numbers are matching. Bore is very good with strong rifling. Metal has a brown patina. Receiver has Spain's coat of arms. Good overall condition.

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Chilean 1895 Mauser 7.62X51...

Chilean 1895 Mauser 7.62X51 (AL7543)

Price $595.00

SN:G7318. South American contract Mauser made for Chile by Loewe in the mid 1890's. Rifle has been arsenal converted to .308. Serial numbers are non matching. Bore is excellent. Good overall condition.

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French Model 1886 M93 8MM...

French Model 1886 M93 8MM Lebel (AL7461)

Price $895.00

French military rifle built at the Tulle arsenal. Barrel has an arseanl refurbish date of 1923. Receiver needs a screw by trigger guard. Bore s good with strong rifling. Metal has surface etching and a dark patina. Fair overall condition.

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Austrian Model 1854...

Austrian Model 1854 Jagerstutzen Rifle (AL7393)

Price $2,350.00

This scarce Austrian Model 1854 13.9mm caliber percussion Jagestutzen rifle still has its original separate ramrod with it. The overall length is approx. 43.5". The 28" octagon to round barrel has a very good dark bore with strong rifling. The final 4.5" of the barrel is round so that a Lorenz saber blade socket bayonet can be fitted. The lock plate has a small Austrian eagle at the tail and...

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Nepalese Pattern 53 Type...

Nepalese Pattern 53 Type Musket (AL5716)

Price $675.00

The overall length is approx. 55". The 39" round 58 caliber smooth bore barrel has a good bore. The metal is a smooth gray-brown. The barrel and lock are unmarked. There are Nepalese characters on the trigger guard. The dark-stained stock is very good with issue dents, dings, and rubs. The swivels and ramrod are present. The action functions correctly. This would be a great looking wall...

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Chinese 1888 Commission...

Chinese 1888 Commission Rifle (AL5731)

Price $275.00

Chinese military rifle. Not safe to shoot. Safety needs repair. Stock has a crack between upper and lower barrel bands. Good cartouches near butt plate.

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Italian Model 1870/87/1916...

Italian Model 1870/87/1916 Vetterli 6.5x52...

Price $599.95

Italian military rifle arsenal refurbished for WWI by adding a sleeve to bore for 6.5 Carcano. Bore is excellent with strong rifling. Stock has an arsenal repair. Good overall condition.

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Japanese Murata Type 18...

Japanese Murata Type 18 (AL6065)

Price $1,895.00

Scarce early Japanese bolt action military rifle. Bore has strong rifling with minor pitting. Mum is intact. Very good overall condition.

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French 1866 Chassepot 11MM...

French 1866 Chassepot 11MM (AL5729)

Price $595.00

Early French bolt action military rifle. Bolt is un-altered, and firing needle is in need of repair. Bayonet lug has been removed. Fair overall condition. Reasonably priced.

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British Martini Henry...

British Martini Henry .577-450 (AL5469)

Price $795.00

Manufactured in 1878 by Enfield. Bore has strong rifling with frosting. Metal has been cleaned long ago and is starting to turn a grey patina. Short lever model. Good overall condition.

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Webley & Son Ideal M.H....

Webley & Son Ideal M.H. 1894 .577-450 (AL5563)

Price $1,295.00

Uncommon Webley manufactured Martini-Henry. Bore has strong rifling with frosting. Top of barrel, by receiver is marked "Made expressly for P. Mac Gibbon Glassgow". Right side of the receiver has some script that is hard to read. Good overall condition.

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